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gosh...going back, but just in "time"

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My adventure is still not over...i don`t want to stop it even if my travel in this country became a normal lifestyle...work, home, housband, friends, cinema on sunday night and video on monday.
i really don`t want to go back..but the date is set:sunday 15th Jannuary, my flight is waiting for me at Osaka airport to bring me back home, but will not last forever..i can feel that!
looking to my closet wondering what i`ll need... maybe just a backpack will be enough..no, no space for Omyage (souvenirs). Maybe i have to leave here some of the sweather i made by myself at night, when, i still remember, i couldn`t understaind the television! should i have to bring with me the thousands picture i took in every single spot i`ve been to? no..maybe just a cd will be more than enough...
i can believe, since few years ago, all of us, coming back from a trip, we were full of films of any kind! No digital camera hidden in the front pocket of the jeans with a neverending lithium battery in the cap...i miss those days...
Anyway, i think between me and my new closet there`s something wrong..i feel like, when i`ll step on the italian soil next sunday night, i`ll be back in time somehow, like if there`s a Delorian Time Machine instead of an airplane parked at the International airport!
i`ve been here for 2 years, no stop, and i know that slowly, i`m becoming japanese.. I mean,for example, two years without the car. Not because i can`t drive but because i DONT NEED IT! i like to catch the sybway here, there`s nothing wrong with it! is safe at night, people are clean and kind, it brings u everywhere without gettin mad in the traffic jam, fighting for a parking spot or waiting ages to comeback home from the seaside on saturday afternoon! Yes, i like to catch the train! I rome the train is WRONG, first because for the people is not COOl, then because is fucking scary and stinky! It doesn`t matter at what time u got in it, could even be 6.00 am it stinks! Plus, On the subway, a girl travelling by herself, can feel the men`s eyes running through her body, up and down, like if she was the first woman they ever seen!
If u don`t have a car, scooter, truck, camper or anything else with an engine, u r done!
Cell Phone. In japan the cellphone cost NOTHING. Everybody`s got the cell phone, even the over 65years old ladyies use it! It`s easy and is cheap. It has everything u need just in one touch! NO problem with range, with stupid different rates depending to who u call, how often, which operator with, at what time in which city of the same country u r doing the telephone call...they`ll ask us even why we r calling...
Then there is the latest thing...the people. I never met in my life a population so kind and clean. It doesn`t matter who u r or where u come from they always smile to u. U get in a shop, and the girls working give the wellcome with a great smile on the face (maybe smetimes is too loud but is always a pleasure!). In all the shops and restaurant, people employed are well dressed,jacket and tie for men, hair, makeup, hands, always tidy, for women.
no one screems in the street, no horn yelling from the car, no men talking to my ass (even if pornography in japan is very..."appreciated"...).
There`s something scary in this apparent perfect society, or maybe is just something totally obscure to us to understaind... This ultramodern lifestyle, with free information channels coming and going anyhwere, super telephones, web access and cable tv even on the trains, pornography for all the tastes, job chances for the over numbered citizens...why we are not like them?
Why we can`t keep our cities like they do? Wy the trains are always in late and in awful conditions, why people always find the shortest and the simplest way to do things, buildng palces? why we can`t appreciate the lifestyle we have instead of complaining because the car infront is slow or because the last playstation model is sold out?
what western society has to learn, is not how to reach the highest speed with the new ultrapower car, but how to respect the road they are walking on.
That s about it..i needed this lines to say my point of view..i`ll let u know how`s going down n the sunshine country of Itlay.

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