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second day

32 °C

the day after i met jo, the australian flatmate which will became the great friend he is.
we had an italian coffee, just to start the day in a nice way...
i knew that after one week my japanese course will start and i wanted to be a tourist before sank on the japanese life!
after studied the subway (is a real study, if you get lost in the tokyo`s subway could be a serious problem), i took my bag, set my misic,placebo, jeff buckely, muse,cake..i pressed play and the pearl jam started to sing..
to go to the station it was a nice walk, almost ten min walkin, but just eight if you walk trough the graveyard..is very different from the normal idea of cemetery..is like a park, open twentyfour hours, wiht people doing jogging in, walking dogs, reading books and light up incense of the tomb while, wiht the rest of the family, they`re having a picnic..amazing.
i took the train and i went straight to the imperial palace in the hearth of tokyo.
i`ve been studying japanese history in hte last 4 years, for personale pleasure or for university. I know almost everything about that:emperors, shogun, wars and battles but, from your desk in the opposite side of the world is a totally different feelings.
just infront hte main entrance of the castle, there`s a huge, huge, huge square,full of small white stones. is impossible to see the castle from the outside because the high trees where it`s hide in, for the walls and for the torrente floating all around.
"doughter" in my ears was the only sound comining. It seemed that the time never moved from thwthousands years ago..it didn`t matter of the cars running just infront of it or the subway rushing under my feet..that place is never been touched from the stream of the historical events..it was like the palace was lying on a leave,peacefully and annything seemd to disturb His quiet, never in centuries!
i came from a country full of history at every corner, my city, rome, his an aliving history book, but in such way She changed her "shape"..it became part of the normal life and everyone there seems to have missed what happend n the last three thousands years!
here was different. the Castle was still there, without no power,surrended to the political choices and to the epire,the same one that once kneeld infront of his look, but you can still feel the grat authority and breath the energy his briks have.
sorry if i`m being melodrammatic, but it`s exactly what i felt there.

i came back home with a bottle of wine to drink with jo and breandan. we talked about eachother`s life, laughd...then the joint started to have effect , isaid "good night guys, see you tomorrow"
...and so to everybody now...goodnight

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japan`s floating

the first steps

hi everybody,
i don`t know how tis adventure started but now i`m here, far form my italian country and from my worldwide friends.
i came to japan when i was 17 years old with my mother. it was love at the first sight..
the Lights of Shinijuku, yes it seems the title of a movie but is the first thing that came straight to my head! A cold night, if i remember, but those lights warmed me up.
it begun like that, walking trough the touristic and noisy streets of tokyo, was like being part of a Playstation`s game!walking into a river of people ehre you can`t stops without be sank in! it seems stupid but, it meant a lot to me. People, never seen that many people all together, neither at the Madonna`s concert...it was scary, everybody sharing the same air,the same sky and the same sunset light. it impressed me a lot, even now,id\f i think to my first step out of the hotel, i can feel how my own operson was totally melted with the others.
i promised to my self that i`ll study japanese and move there as soon as i finished my univ.
And so it was. i left rome on october of the last year, hgalf way through the univerity. I just needed a break, just to go and "see what`s going on down there". I just...left everything. I was 22 years old (now i`m 23) when i step into Narita AIrport. I was tired for the jetlag, but to excited to have a rest. No one came to pick me up, even because i didn`t know anyone at that time, and after i realized this,i had a shiver down my back and i start to...walk.
No language skills, no confidence with subways, no confidence with..anything.
From Italy I booked a room in an appartament to share with 2 flatmates in Kodaira, an area north-east of Tokyo, gust outside the city, you know, just to safe money.
I still don`t know how i reached that place..once i get there i met Brendan, one of hte two guys. He gave me a cup of tea, showed me how the house worked (waehing machine, hoven, and rubbish) then he left. I was alne, no telephone, no idea where i was, i missed my mother as never in my life. Really, it was panic, real panic. I just didn`t know what was going on and what was going to happend next..
i got in my room, opened my luggages, try to don`t think to take a taxi to the airport and go back home!
It was hard, very hard. I had a shower and, talking to myself, i decided to keep dancing.. i was in the dancing floor and keep dancing was my decision. my first step was reached. I did everything alone, the house and the school`s starting the week aflter..that`s it.
i sat on my futon, the jaglag came back straight to my muscles. i lied down,the homesick slowly went away, i close my eyes and a tear came out with a smile. "u`ll be fine.." said my mother from far away.

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