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a story

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u step down from the Great portal and u meet the thousands dears asking for ur hand full of dry rice..kids sceraming around scared from them and from their hard hair.
Someone said that this animal can feel your breath from far away, and can follow you down the great road towards the Todaiji Temple without u can notice it. It can be true or not, but u never sure about the popular legend of ghost right? u can`t believe that a dear can be, for few moments, ur protector on the holy road to the great wood complex in Nara.
there`s a story or legend...but i prefer to call it "novel", and I`ll tell it to u, in the simplest of the way, without scary shots or monsters coming down from the trees.
the novel is abut "something secret" hidden in the stomack of one of those dears. People living there, said that this is the reason why there r so many of them, so "the woman who`s looking for this thing" will find not few problems to look at the right dear!
going back to our novel...this dear, which doesn`t have a name, is the eldest of all those dears living in Nara. He started his life aorund thousand years ago, because of the willling of a great monk.
The monk, was known with the name of Yasu, and at that time, he was encahrged to defend the "great pagoda" that once was there (and now is gone..). He was terrific beautyful, and he used to express his beauty wihti his maners and words of pray and peace.
He spent most of his vote life around that pagoda, looking after it, studiyng the holy writes and...because he was a man...dreaming. And his dreams were about the power to see what is inside the pagoda. As everyone knows, the Pagoda is closed to everyone, inside the construction there are 8 or 9 floor instead of the 5 u can c from out side, and is built to KEEP the tresures of the Buddha (it can b a sutra, nail, hair ir even a painting). The only presences inside are the 4 demons at the bottom of the 4 sides of the oagoda. No one is allowed to get in. No one.
So. Yasu`s dream was to b able to look inside the pagoda, even for few seconds, just to c if what his master told him was true: "only the dears living in the park can c what is inside. Just them because only them Siddha can trust, and He knows that his secret will b kept in theyr eyes without danger".
Dears as the tradition wants,are famous to b very brave and leal animals.
Yasu, evryday at the sunset time, left his post in front of the great pagoda, took his "bento box", his sutra`s book and walked down the bridge, crossing the dears. He lookd into their eyes, trying to c what he couldn`t c, trying to find even the smallest reflex of what can b hidden behind the misterious walls. Every day, he kept seraching through them, but all of them looked the same to him, but still, every night, before going to sleep, a wish came out from his prays..the one to be a deras, just for once.
Years passed, and the time touched even Yasu`s beautiful face, painting it with a soft knife. Again, everynight he went trhough the dear`s eyes, looking for the invisible.
Then, when he was on his 60, he was tired, tired and tired to b alive, wihtout knowing what the pagoda kept in its body. And he cryed, because he spent all his life learning about life, philososphy and holy writes always infront of the great mistery of the Pagoda.
And now, a bad thought came on his mind... maybe, there`s nothing inside there! During the ages, men had to trust in something that might not exist and never will!
Yasu`s started to think that there was anything else for him to study or to teach, because there always will be something he doens`t know, a mistery that not even His master could resolve.
The same nite, a resignation smile came on his face and he got blind. Totally dark beacame aorund him. Closed in his cell, he got out.Just the long years spent in there, and the momory of each small stone unfernith his toes could help him to step on. It was a deep dark cold nite, but even without seeing anything, he went to the paogada, and he sat on the crumbled stones of the yard just infront.
A dear came towards hin and gave to Yasu`s its eyes. The monk could c again, a light help him to walk to the pagoda. He got in,but still it was to dark, the air heavy and his legs tired from the time on the earth. No fear, no doubts..nothing to loose, but everything to get.. and then he saw it.
I`m sorry, not even the novel knows what he saw that night, and no one does, i`m afraid.
Yasu died the same night. He`s body has been buried but his soul keep living wiht the dears, and at night, he comes back to the holy Pagoda...even now that is gone.

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