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how to wear a swimmwear


yes...i decided to dedicate a day to the sun tain,
i needed to feel some sun on my skin after the long and col japanese winter, i really started to feel sick for the lack pf sunshine. So i plannesd my day trip to the closest beach. I`m in Nagoya noa, living with my boyfriend, that means that i left the caotic and multinational city of tokyo and headed towards the fourth biggest city of japan, Nagoya indeed.
I went to Shinmaiko, the closest seaside to the city. I took the MEitestsu line and i reached the beach 40 min later. This area is not that big and the water isn`t tath clear..let me tell you that i refused to put mi feey in for the scary color of the water. But the envirnment was, and still is, very nice, with music, small bars and alot of young people. As many ot\f the european, american and australian`s girls, the suntain is part of a beauty treatment that in summer is almost a MUST to have a perfect browny skin. To reach the PERFECT result it takes at least 1 week and during that time a girl put herself under the sunshine for 3/4 hours per day, turning on her back every 30 min and trying to avoid, as less as possible, the terrible shadow of the swimm wear that cam give some problem for the final results. For this reason exist very small (very small) swimmwerar, made of nothing that allow a girl to have the same tained color all over the body. TGhe top less is another way but it is much better to don`t considere it in japan. So, as many of you might know,i come from italy and Italy ois a country where on the beach, as long as you`re naked, it`s fine or anyway, no one makes any problem for how a girl looks like wiht a swimmwear.
I was lay down on my stomac and i opened the string of the top pf the bikini just to be sure to don`t find any weird sign of it once at home..my god..i`ll never do it again. People strted to looked at me as a kid looks at the chocolate..like lions read to attack. But there wasn`t much of attack,actually no one tried to talk to me or asking the telephone number, as sometimes happend on the beach..
the stared at me, i felt bad, embarassed and..sad, i almost cried.
then a guy came to me and told me : "it`s better if you close your bikini..some one can asking you for a job..take care please, it`s dangerous.." then he left.
i didn`t know what to say or whta to think. Used as i am to western country where girls go around in topless or with tiny tanga, even when there are families around, now i was very surprised. My idea of japan was very different about this point of view..i mean, yhis country has the most reach trad of pornpography in the world, school girls used to wear the famous sexi uniform that drive men crazy at every corner of the world, any manga you can buy contains pornography with half naked character with child`s faces..and now because aforeigner girl is liying on her stomach with the back side of the bikini opened (that means without showing the breast) to take a little of tain on her back, can be confused as a prostitute??
that is very very sick. I had to leave the beach scared of the men around me, walking fast towards the train station without thinking how people have the lack of common sense and with no idea of the rest of the world.
i really hope this country will wake up soon other wise the lighthouse of a great turism here will collapse as a sand castle..

Posted by andina 08:16

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