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the ramen shop...


hi, everyone,my japanese skills now are getting better and better and i hope you huys are proud of me!
the school is very hard but now i can read some of the manga i bought and, most of all the restaurant`s neon signs!!
me and my classmates decided to do to eat out all together last night, evryone was agree even beacuse it `m nmore simple to get in to a restaurant and poin at the menu than get in to the supermarket and spend 30min just to find out wich is the expiring date written on the milk box...
anyway,we met at Shibuya, one of the main areas of tokyo, and the first step was to decide where to go to eat and WHAT!
now, the main problem when you`re in japan attending a japanese language school, the othet memebers are from those countries that sometimes it`s even easy to don`t know the geographic position...guys from corean, tibet, mongolia nepal and china..no one could speak english and the conversation was ( and still is) just in japanse and i can assure that is not easy at all..but very interesting !
the place selected aflter a long long discussion made of "haa..mmhhh2, "hey, how is in japanese ...", "I know i know, YES in japanese might be.." and so going on, was a small restaurant out from the touristic sight, placed in a tiny tiny road "created" from the space ao two HUGE skyscraper..i felt as a lilliputian infront of gulliver`s shoes..
we chose that place beacuse students abroad don`t classified themself as Turist and according to that, you have to behave as a real japanese, going in the same place where japanese people go, eat the same thing....
the restaurant was terrible.
it stank, there was just a salary man already drunk, tring to speak wiht the soy sauce bottle infront of him..it wasn`t the best of the place but with the philosophy "hey, i`m hungry this place is REAL JAPN let`s get in..." we got in.
the weiter (there was even the weiter!) gave us the menu totally written in japanese and with no picutre to point at..
after along silence where the menu passed from hand to hand, the weiter came and asked something that sounded like "what di you want to eat?". All of us went for the same thing..unvelivable..the cook was going to cook TEN dishes of the same food..
the weiter stared at us for a while and then to the cook..speechless.
We felt proud of our first step in the "lesson number two, at the restaurant"..but evryone was so scared about what could happend after that. I have to admit, i was ready even to see a smoked rat in soy sauce and sushi...instead arrived this big soup wiht noodle and beef inside,erbs and spicy taste. If there`s some itlain who`s reading now, it was like SPAGHETTI IN BRODO A NATALE...
i liked and i found out how terrible can be for your stomach if you drink, instead of the beer, the sake wich is, usually, drank after the meal. We came back home drank. the day after at school i saw the most scary face of my life. The faces were red, the eyes half closed and all of us couldn`t move much otherwise we had to rush to the toilet..at each break after 50minutes of lesson, we reachd the roof to take some air and a dark coffe...the breaks are 4 and frm the second people started to desapper heading to go back home.
hte mission was accomplished.

Posted by andina 17:50

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